At Corellium, we create virtual models of mobile phones and other smart devices to eliminate barriers to testing and development. Our goal is to ensure engineers are well-equipped to research, work, and test on Arm-based technologies — whether that's testing a mobile banking app at scale, creating software for a new smart car, or looking for security flaws in the latest router firmware.

We’re on the lookout for Backend Engineers to join the Corellium engineering team. It’s a full-time, remote role, focused on developing and improving the products that are the cornerstone of our business. Specifically, we’re looking for engineers who see themselves as craftsmen and craftswomen, who seek to always improve.

The Product

The problem with the current ecosystem is that physical devices don't scale and emulators don’t provide a true, native experience. The solution: virtual devices. We create virtual models of Arm-based devices and run them on our own Arm servers, combining the fidelity of a real device with the convenience and scale of the cloud.

These devices run on top of our proprietary custom hypervisor, purpose-built to model complex peripherals and chipsets. From rapid hardware prototyping to advanced security testing, our groundbreaking platform accelerates development work on Arm technologies.

Many of our customers and the press have described our product as magic.

The Role

We’re looking for talented Node.JS programmers, with strong fundamentals.

You’ll have opportunities to work on a broad range of things - never a dull moment. There are innovative tools to be developed for application testers, penetration testers, and security research; backend services that must be robust, maintainable, and scalable; deep dives into mobile operating systems and applications; and a variety of other interesting challenges.

You’ll have opportunities to work with brilliant engineers, to own components, and to develop subject matter expertise.

We work with a wide variety of tools and services, including git, Docker, OVN and OVS, WebRTC, Amazon Web Services, nginx, and haproxy.

As a fully remote team, we rely on a lot of tools to make asynchronous work efficient. At the moment, we’re using Slack, Zoom, Jira, and Confluence.

Most of our team is United States business hours, so strong preference will be given to candidates in those time zones. However, if you’re somewhere else and you’re a great communicator and asynchronous worker, don’t be shy!

Perks, Benefits, and Remuneration

  • Competitive salary, benefits, and stock package
  • Completely remote, work from home, and a nice work-life balance
  • Work with impressive engineering and state of the art technology
  • Join a small team where your actions have great impact on the company’s success
  • Sponsored learning and development